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“Man is a whole world of its own, called microcosm for it displays a miniature pattern of all the parts of the universe.” 

- Robert Fludd -


We believe that everyone is unique, everyone has its own personality, preferences and talents. Without harming others, everyone should discover and design its own life to display its own universe.


Our business was born based on this idea. Only when design our own business, we can design the direction with our truly ideas. And through our own creations, we can directly present the works we really want to make without hindrance. On the other hand, we hope that our works will resonate with people who want to design its own life also.





Everyone is beautiful, as long as stand to reason, everyone should implement its beliefs and don't need to care about what others thinking of. So, everyone can wear its favorite stylish outfits to highlight its personal style.

We design a variety of fashion and jewelry full of strong design styles with our personal brand, with the goal of "Refuse Average-Looking", we wish that everyone who wears it can look extraordinary.



Our Aims are to create unique works without limitation. We regard our works as a piece of art that can be worn on body, they are designed from our passion and personality. We do not follow the trend blindly. We try to add the messages into our works, so that in addition to design and function, they also added with deeper layers of meaning. Therefore, our works are different from other brands.



LOCK YUEN, an Integrated Designer from Hong Kong, has been in the advertising and design industry for more than a decade. Feeling that it is difficult to have the opportunity to give full play to his abilities in the existing industry. He believe in fate but does not accept destiny, so he resolutely gave up the stable income working environment and started his own business to design his own creative direction in an independent situation. He tried to prove that opportunities do not have to be given by others, but can be created by yourself. 

He create his personal brand from the perspective of an integrated designer, and created works that are different from the mainstream but contemporary and full of personal style with enthusiasm.

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